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Baklava - the fabulous fillo treat can be stored and cared for in a number of different ways. The choice is really yours. Baklava has a remarkable shelf-life and can last for weeks and sometimes months depending on how you store the pastries.

It is often difficult to identify old baklava because chances are someone likes it this way. Choose a method of storage which gives you the desired taste and texture most preferred.

We recommend that our pastries be stored at room temperature in an air tight container. They should last for weeks in relatively fair condition. You'll notice that the pastries will become more chewy and juicy as time goes on. Eventually, they'll begin to dry out which is generally an indication that their nearing shelf-life. You may choose to refrigerate your pastries. This will make them hard and chewy but will extend the shelf-life.

Finally, freezing is another alternative. Simply set at room temperature until pastries thaw and serve.

We know you'll enjoy our baklava pastries no matter how you choose to store them. Remember, they don't last forever mainly because they taste so good and you won't be able to resist.  Always use care with any food product.