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Baklava is a pastry consists of buttered layers of phyllo dough (fillo) filled with nuts and drenched in a sweet syrup and some flavorings that may include rose water, clove and orange rind. It has become a traditional Middle Eastern sweet pastry and Purim treat but is enjoyed at celebrations throughout the year.

There are many variations of baklava; A walnut filling is more prevalent in the middle eastern countries, while pistachios fillings are preferred there too. Baklava is such a dessert of passion. The passion it takes to make it, enjoying the sweet taste with each bite, makes it a dessert that is one of a kind.

We, at Farhat Sweets proudly produce baklava with high quality and carefully selected ingredients, we bake our baklava fresh daily to serve to our valued customers in Michigan and nationwide. Our baklava includes pistachios baklava and walnuts baklava. We also produce sugar free baklava to meet our customers’ demands. Try our baklava, you will love it for sure.