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Welcome to Farhat Sweets!


Where you can taste the finest and highest quality ingredients of the Middle East baked and artfully prepared for you right in the heart of the Midwest!


Planning a special sweet occasion? You can choose from many of our delightful everyday assortments including a dessert lover’s most popular Baklava pastry. Create your own custom tray of your favorite cookie, cake, pastry, or mix and match several sweets for whatever your heart desires!


When shopping at Farhat Sweets, you are not only about to indulge in the most decedent and quality of treats, but you are about to experience our bakery’s dedications to creating only the highest quality, most authentic Middle Eastern desserts.


Our fast reliable delivery insures you will have the freshest pastries right at your door. No waiting in line or even leaving the house, indulges in any of the mouth watering selections at the convenience of delivery. If you have any other questions that are not answered to you in our website, you are more than welcome to contact us for more information.


Thank You for choosing to indulge in our baked works of heaven!